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  • abstract letterpress art card 2015 dab test

    Letterpress Card 2015

    Our annual seasonal letterpress card has just rolled of the presses at Typoretum and were delighted with the result. The geometric grid pattern uses shapes inspired by decorative woodblocks which have been given a contemporary twist. The inks were carefully mixed by hand to create a perfect balance that couldn't be achieved with standard Pantone colours. Printed on super-thick 356gsm Caravan Cotton stock, [...] More  →
  • Downtown captured vernacular typographic sign in New York City

    Found Type

    Samples of found type captured and contained in the imagesurgery global scrapbook. Fragments of vernacular typography, dilapidated signage and street art that reflect the constant state of change within urban spaces. Today's public spaces are cluttered with signs that direct, order and instruct, in direct competition with illegal street art and guerrilla marketing making a grab for our attention. The flourishing graffiti culture is [...] More  →
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